Ngiyanemukela! Howzit?

KIMBERLITEs are rare, course-grained, igneous rocks, sometimes containing diamonds, found in South Africa.

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“I am not the we of anyone.”
— J.M. Coetzee


Kalahari Bushman fires flowing

in the hollows of the desert

click all night

stick stuck upright



of starlight


toes of the eland

thk thk the bug raindrops

tk tk tk the sandgrains


Sssskla !

sparks of honey


we who dance

around the circle

around the circle

spoor him

find him

my arrow clicks to the thick thick

grunt of darkness

my arrow sings through fire

we who dance we find



of the fire.

Sydney Clouts from his One Life published 1966 Cape Town: Purnell